Zodiac Link

Zodiac Link fingerprint reader lets you link up to five readers, with all user programming done from a designated Master.

Multi-mode Fingerprint Reader

Zodiac Link

Zodiac LinkTM is Cansec’s latest addition to its field-proven line of fingerprint readers. Building on the success of the Zodiac 250, three new features have been added. User capacity is increased from 250 users to 2,000. You can now link up to five readers with all user programming done from a designated Master. You can also copy user templates from one unit to the other in case one is damaged and needs to be replaced. No need to re-enroll users.

Just like the Zodiac 250, it can be used to directly control a door or it can be connected to any Wiegand-compatible access control panel. And like the 250, you can upgrade a regular prox reader to biometrics in under five minutes! Zodiac, your LINK to the future of access control.  


Features and Benefits

  • Enroll and manage up to 2,000 users (2 templates per user) right at the reader
  • For use as a stand-alone system or “Link” up to 5 readers together via RS-485 (all user programming done at the Master is sent to all connected Slaves)
  • No PC or software required
  • User templates can be copied from one unit to another - no need to re-enroll users should a damaged unit need to be replaced
  • Use with a ZDCM Door Control Module for a totally stand-alone solution
  • Alternatively, allows existing proximity readers in the standard access control system to be upgraded to biometrics in under 5 minutes
  • Two line LCD display guides users easily through all programming functions
  • No credentials required