Cloud Lock Demo Kit

To help you grow your sales, we created a 2-door MAP1 Cloud Lock demo kit which is highly portable and includes everything you need, including the KINDOO smartphone credential reader!

 Man with Case1

The portable demo kit includes:
1. MAP1 Cloud Lock 2-door display stand with:

  •      MAP1 Cloud Lock 2-door Control Module (CA-MAP12HC)
  •      2 CanProx One Readers (CA-CP1R)
  •      Smartphone Credential Reader - Kindoo KIN W (CA-KIN-W)

2. A demo Cloud Lock account
3. 12VDC / 1 A Plug-in Power Adaptor (R14-12V0A1)
4. TP-LINK AC750 Wi-Fi Travel Router
5. 2 CanProx Thin Proximity Cards (CA-CP2BT)
6. Nanuk’s extreme-duty 910 hard case


This item is for sale only to Cansec Dealers and Distributors in good standing. If sold through Distribution, the Distributor agrees to honour the selling price of $499. Limit 1 per Dealer. Product NOT to be resold or installed by Dealers under any circumstances. For use ONLY as a sales aid.
 1. Go to, and use the following information to log in a shared demo account. 
Subscriber: demo
User name: admin
Password: 123456
IMPORTANT: This is a shared database so please do not delete panels or readers created by others. However, the database will be reset after 5PM every Friday and all information will be deleted. If you need to do a demo during the weekend then please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inform us ahead of time so your panels and readers won’t be deleted.
 2. Visit the following web pages to download all the documentations required for Cloud Lock demo kit:
MAP1 installation manual:
KINDOO quickstart guide:
KINDOO operator guide:
AC750 Wireless Travel Router TL-WR902AC installation manual: