Proximity Readers

Supporting both AWID and HID 125 kHz formats simultaneously, Cansec’s CanProx Reader offers traditional, no-touch access control using a variety of Cansec, AWID and HID credentials. This popular product provides convenience, reliability and tough security.

Medium/Long Range Reader

CanProx Long Range Readers

CanProx Long Range Readers (P-710) and (P-900) are high performance design readers.They are classified as medium (P-710) and long (P-900) range readers, and are capable of delivering read ranges of up to 15 inches (381mm) and 20 inches (508mm) respectively.

The longer read range of these readers adds convenience to a wide range of access applications, including turnstiles and parking control.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 15" read range (P-710) and 20" read range (P-900)
  • Single-piece design mounts directly to metal or plastic US wall switch boxes, or flat surfaces
  • Quick installation, with only two mounting screws necessary
  • Wiegand output as well as magnetic stripe output
  • Supports AWID and HID 125 kHz proximity cards and tags
  • Supports Farpointe’s 125 kHz pyramid series proximity cards and tags
  • Electronics are sealed in weather-and tamper-resistant epoxy potting for both indoor and outdoor operation (industry high IP67 rating)
  • Oversized LED array, ideal for increased visibility in outdoor installations

Suggested Linear Power Supplies

  • Altronix: model LPS3C12X
  • Electronic Security Devices (ESD): model LP1EST12
  • Highpower Security Products: Lightning 50